Connecting people through data science.

Join data scientists, researchers, businesses, and government leaders across Nairobi as we dig into our biggest data challenges and latest breakthroughs.

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November 17 - 18 | 2 days | 5 venues | 100 builders | 15 speakers

  • Skills Factory

    Top data scientists from across Africa offer short, hands on training on the latest methodologies and tools.

  • Industry Spotlights

    Businesses building the latest data products in Africa showcase their discoveries and market opportunities.

  • Data Jam

    Government, NGOs, and businesses, submit data for teams to analyze and visualize.

  • Career Showcase

    A selection of companies will present career paths in their sector, and several more will be available for networking.

  • Networking Meetups

    Local leaders will host cocktails across the city on meaningful topics to the industry. Stay tuned!

  • Expert Talks

    World renowned experts will share the latest exciting developments in the field.


You will meet internationally respected data scientists, NGO’s and companies showcasing their latest discoveries and methodologies.

  • Vivienne Ming

    Expert Feature

    Vivienne Ming, Founder & Executive Chair at Socos

    More Info

    Dr. Vivienne Ming, named one of 10 Women to Watch in Tech by Inc. Magazine, is a theoretical neuroscientist, technologist and entrepreneur. She is the co-founder and Managing Partner of Socos.

  • Leonida Mutuku

    Leonida Mutuku, Founder at Intelipro, PesaCheck

    More Info

    Leo is a Data Science Champion, Co-founder and CEO at @Intelipro; currently building FinTech and Data Products @PesaCheck. She also doubles-up as a fellow at Open Data and Open Budgets.

  • Paul Roy Owino

    Prof. Bitange Ndemo, Lecturer UoN and Contributor at World Data Lab

    More Info

    Prof. Ndemo is an ICT Champion and former Permanent Secretary of Kenya’s Ministry of Information and Communication (2005-2013). He currently lectures on entrepreneurship and research methods at the University of Nairobi’s Business School.

  • Kamal Budhabhatti

    Kamal Budhabhatti, Founder & CEO at Craft Silicon

    More Info

    Kamal is the founder and CEO of Craft Silicon, a Kenyan software company with a local base and global aspirations that is steadily making inroads in the world of financial technology.

  • Chris Orwa

    Chris Orwa, Head of Data Science at Brave Venture Labs

    More Info

    : Chris is a data scientist focusing on computational techniques for unstructured data. His work involves writing code, developing analysis methodologies, basically practicing wizardry on datasets. Chris also is a coach/teacher with Brave Academy, a career accelerator started by the team from Brave.

  • Krista Nordin

    Krista Nordin, Senior Researcher, i2i Client Insights

    More Info

    Krista is a Senior Researcher on the Client Insights team. She has a thirst for knowledge and enjoys big-picture thinking and tinkering with complex problems. Before joining i2i, Krista was a Product Manager at Oracle for the Oracle Database. She holds a Bachelors of Science in Engineering from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

  • Nkosi Ncube

    Nkosi Ncube, Head of i2i Applications Lab

    More Info

    Nkosi heads up i2i's Applications Lab which seeks to increase the use of client data and research by financial service providers in the development of products and services for financially underserved individuals. Before joining i2i, Nkosi was Telecel's Chief Commercial Officer. He holds a Bachelor of Business Studies degree from the University of Zimbabwe and an MBA.

  • Patrick Delaney

    Patric Delaney, Founder at Tech Startup & IoTFuse

    More Info

    Patrick is an engineer and social-startup entrepreneur, having founded Forest Restorations in 2004, the world’s first company fully-dedicated to the elimination of buckthorn and invasive species, and The Solar Ninja in 2010, a solar-powered mobile phone charger and blindingly bright wide-spread LED light in one convenient package.

  • Paul Roy

    Paul Roy Owino, Founder & Principal Data Scientist at Proolabs

    More Info

    Paul is a technical engineering leader with passion for cloud & machine learning and its application to cybersecurity.Paul is an ex-Microsoft developer lead in sub-Saharan Africa, where he served in the Leadership Team of Microsoft East & Southern Africa, supporting decisions and execution of agreed upon strategy for the subsidiary.

  • Peris Bosire

    Peris Nyaboe, Co-Founder & Managing Director, FarmDrive

    More Info

    Peris is the co-founder of FarmDrive; an emerging markets fintech company that uses the power of mobile phones, alternative & sophisticated data analytics to build modern credit risk assessment models that work for underserved and unbanked smallholder farmers in Africa.

  • Samuel Gikandi

    Samuel Gikandi,Co-Founder & CEO at Africa's Talking Ltd

    More Info

    Mr. Gikandi co-founded Africa's Talking Ltd, a mobile technology company. He provides strategic technical direction for Africa's talking Ltd and guides the development of key infrastructure. During his undergraduate years at MIT, he went to Ghana as part of an MIT student team during which he taught java programming. After graduating from MIT, he worked for Morgan Stanley as an IT associate in New York. He holds a Bachelor’s as well as Master’s Degree in Computer Science from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

  • Sarah Kabira

    Sarah Kabira, ICT Practitioner, Strategy and Innovation Consultant

    More Info

    Sarah is currently a technology consultant with University of Nairobi on a Food Security Targeting System. This system seeks to enhance utilization of information and technology (ICT) in promoting sustainable food security through strategic targeting of resources to food insecure households.

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Network and connect with like minded attendees to discover your next job, service, product or startup. The industry’s foremost data experts will provide the latest strategies, tactics and processes for mining and synthesysing data.

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Event Schedule

Expert Feature

10.00AM - 11.00AM

Dr. Vivienne Ming

Predicting how people learn: Cognitive+Data Science

Venue: Nexus, Riara Corporate Suites, Ground Floor, Riara Road

Skills Factory

11.00AM - 12.30PM

Chris Orwa and Patrick Delaney

  1. Learn to crunch data with R
  2. Learn to create cool visualizations

Venue: Nexus, Riara Corporate Suites, Ground Floor, Riara Road

Industry Spotlights

2.00PM - 4.45PM

Leo Mutuku, Prof. Bitange Ndemo and Sam Gikandi

  • Intelipro - Using Intelligence for better decision making
  • World Data Lab - Using human population data in real time to show poverty alleviation
  • Scaling Data Opportunities using in-house Research and Development

Venue (Leo Mutuku): Nexus, Riara Corporate Suites, Ground Floor, Riara Road

Venue (Prof. Bitange Ndemo): Andela, 525 Kindaruma Road

Venue (Sam Gikandi): Africa’s Talking, Galana Plaza, 7th Floor, Galana Road, off Argwings Kodhek

Networking Meetup

5.00PM - 7.00PM

Dr. Vivienne Ming and Kamal Budhabhatti

  1. Women in Data Science
  2. Startup Grind Meet and Greet

Venue (Dr. Vivienne Ming): Metta

Venue (Kamal Budhabhatti): Nexus

Data Jam

9.00AM - 1.00PM

I2i (submit data) with Andela students participating

Companies submit their data+problems to be solved

Venue: MAVC

Industry Spotlights - Agriculture

10.00AM - 12.45PM

Peris Nyaboe and Sarah Kabira

  • Using data science to identify, profile, and underwrite credit to smallholder farmers
  • Using a mash up of data sets to enrichen agricultural marketplaces

Venue (Peris Nyaboe): Farm Drive Office

Venue (Sarah Kabira): Nexus

Brave Expert Feature + Career Showcase

2.00PM - 5.00PM

Ma3route, Saida, Intelipro, Africa’s Talking, SuperFluid Labs, M-Kopa, Bamba POS, Insights2Impact, Proolabs, Valuraha

Come learn more about Algorithmic HR from the Brave Team!

Enter the job lounge and chat face to face with hiring representatives from top data science companies. Bring a copy of your resume to showcase your skillset.

Venue: Nexus